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A Baby's View of Nature Behind the scenes look about the creators of Baby Wonder Years. Read more.

Cici and Mark Brown with their daughter, Chelsea Witnauer, and granddaughter, Mackenzie

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Baby Wonder Years

Baby Wonder Years media captures the wonders of a child’s new world. The notion behind the warmth of our videos and companion books is to deliver a rich experience. The motion content of the video extends the reading adventure, offering different views of similar events.

Baby Wonder Years stimulates the imagination and inspires awareness and questions. Our camera sees the world from the child’s point of view. What children see and hear has a lasting effect on their creative development.

What sets the Baby Wonder Years experience apart? Our story telling opens little eyes to the real world around us. Our lenses venture outside the studio into a landscape where the laws of nature and its creatures fill the canvas with motion. Our books thread visual continuity from video to pages filled with imaginative text.

Baby Wonder Years produces short length videos, as recommended by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Parenting Magazine. They suggest a standard to keep viewing time under 15 minutes for babies up to one year in age. No wonder the short length, award winning Baby’s Stroll Through Nature received acclaim from the children’s video community. Young minds are free to explore earthy delights, absorb real world sounds, and begin to experience new surroundings.

The precious wonder years make a long lasting impression. As one noted American scientist once mentioned, “The reason we have Time is so that everything won’t happen at once”. Nurturing takes time.

Itty Impints is an Oregon based media production company with three decades and three generations of experience. Baby Wonder Years media has been carefully developed to lend a hand as the next generation sprouts.

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Thank you for the wonder of, all the earth and stars above.

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