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"... It's a Winner ..." 2003 Accolade Award Children's Video

"... Mother Nature's splendor complete with dragonflies and babbling brooks is captured in colorful close-ups".
– Parenting Magazine

The Videography Awards 2005 Honoring Video Production

Wheel Time Express
Award of Distinction
Children's Programming

Creative gift for baby showers, infants, and children: Cellos, Bassoons and Musical
        Toons DVD

3 Little Wonders

A new collection of three award-winning, age-appropriate videos, that combines live-action footage with beautiful music.

These video favorites are all on one DVD. They also can be purchased separately -- see further down this page.

The 3 Little Wonders collection includes:

  • Baby's Stroll Through Nature
  • Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons
  • Wheel TimeExpress

All for $14.95.
Special price for readers of Peaceful Daily.
20% off the regular price of 14.95. Your price is only $11.96 plus shipping.

DVD Collection - $11.96

Creative gift for baby showers, infants, and children: Cellos, Bassoons and Musical
        Toons DVD

Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons
DVD Run Time 9 1/2 Minutes - Wide Screen. Ages 2 to 7

Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons, combines fantasy with real-life musical instruments. 

The young Piccadilly Street Players create an atmosphere of fun, excitment, interaction and wonder.

Yo-Yo Ma describes instruments as "musical voices" that speak to all cultures. Introducing young children to musical  instruments, will instill a life-long  love and enjoyment of music.

Yo-Yo Ma joins me in wishing you great success with the publication of "Midnight at the Concert Hall" and the companion DVD "Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons"

— Heather Goldman
Office of Yo-Yo Ma

12/7/2011 - This standalone video is no longer available.
You can still get Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons in the collection 3 Little Wonders, featured above.

Creative gift for baby showers, infants, and children: Baby's Stroll Through Nature DVD

Baby’s Stroll Through Nature
DVD 14 minutes - Wide Screen. 6 months to 3 years.

Shortly after its release in 2003, Baby’s Stroll Through Nature started gathering applause. Parenting Magazine chose this 14-minute wonder as a video pick of the month, and nominated it for Children's Video of the Year. Its still a favorite. We love the letters from grandparents who have enjoyed watching the program with their grandchildren. The outdoor elements of glistening waterfalls, vibrant flowers, birds, fish, ocean tides and animals of the wild are revealed and explored.

Click to view a free sample of the video!

DVD - $11.95

Creative gift for baby showers, infants, and children: Madame Dragonfly bookMadame Dragonfly.
Book with DVD 1 to 5 years.

Authors Cici Brown and Chelsea Witnauer have created a world of wonder inhabited by friendly creatures and the popular red dragonfly from Baby’s Stroll Through Nature. All the colorful birds and creatures that inhabit the book’s landscape can be seen as they really are in the appended video. Exquisite illustrations from Paula Rice fill the book from cover to cover. The blend of the book and video give a child a variety of associations with forms, music, sound, and our favorite elements, awareness and appreciation.

Watching “A Baby’s Stroll through Nature” and reading “Madame Dragonfly” with our young children is another way of sharing the astonishing beauty that is all around us, beginning the process of instilling a lifelong love of our environment.

For adults, this DVD and picture book reminds us of one important responsibility: to leave a legacy that includes a healthy planet that nurtures our children and their children. It is our job to meet and resolve the challenges of environmental degradation and global warming, crafting a heritage that includes a safe, wholesome, natural home for those who follow us.

A portion of the book proceeds will go to Makena Children's Foundation, Inc.

12/7/2011 - The printed book is no longer available.
We are currently preparing a Kindle edition. Check back here for its availability later in December.

Creative gift for baby showers, infants, and children: Wheel Time Express video on DVD

Wheel Time Express.
DVD 30 minutes - Wide Screen. 2 to 5 years.

Set to lively music that lets motion spin your child’s imagination. This colorful journey reveals the close-up world of wheels in soothing yet energizing motion. The wheels of old time locomotives to modern freight trains. School bus wheels, water wheels, spinning wheels, and a potters wheel! Toddlers love to see this again and again. Our newest release. (updated 2007)

Click to view a free sample of the video!

DVD 11.95
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